[More details] Samsung files patent for phone case that delivers wireless charge to smartwatch

Jul 10, 2017

Samsung as an innovative company has a lot of patents under its name, some of which are yet to see the light of day. The Korean tech company recently added a new patent to this frequently growing list. The new patent is for a phone case with wireless charging feature.

The illustration that accompanies the filing application shows the phone case can charge another device by placing it on the cover of the protective case which functions as the charging dock, the same way a wireless charger works. The wireless charging technology packing protective case seems to have been designed for the Samsung Galaxy S or Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab series. That wasn't specified but it is likely that the case may be made available for Samsung smartphone models based on the design and dimensions they adopt.

The protective case trademark shows that the case will be integrated with Wireless Power Consortium's Qi technology which is a wireless charging standard that uses inductive power transfers to charge without cords. The Wireless Power Consortium's (WPC) is a wireless technology alliance which was formed in 2008. Membership presently includes Sanyo, Texas Instruments, Philips, Olympus, Samsung, Lenovo, Nokia, Asus, Canon, Apple and many other companies. The charging technology looks like what will use the smartphone as its charging source in order to charge the Tizen-powered Gear smartwatch.
samsung-wireless-charging-case-patents-2The smartwatch used for the illustration looks like the Gear S2 smartwatch. But the confusing about the picture is that even though the Samsung Gear series come with wireless charging feature, it is located under the cover and not on the side. The smartwatch is sitting on its side on top of the charging dock cum protective case. Except Samsung is planning to move the wireless charging port from under the cover to the side in subsequent Samsung smartwatches.

We can't say when this new trademark will be available commercially but it has to be noted that trademark filings are made everyday yearly. However, only a handful of them gets mass produced and shipped. We can't really say if we'd be seeing this innovative wireless charging technology for the Gear smartwatch.





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