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Jul 24, 2017

100 Arrows is a game where you have to get your target- nothing evil to get, just some targets. Now you may think that this is as easy as pie. THINK AGAIN!! There is a level where you need to get the target behind a tree! Now it's time for the basics. Kinda. This game has really nice graphics, they are fairly detailed in some places and in other, there is almost no detail but I like it that way. The are only a few sounds, the sound of the arrows flying and hitting the ground or hitting the target. 100 Arrows has been currently rated four out of five by over fifty people, the majority rated it a five.




In this game, you have 100 arrows hence the name of the game. So you only have a hundred arrows to complete all thirty levels. There is a notice at the start of the game, if you are out of arrows, go to the levels you spend a lot of arrows on, play it and do better than what you did before. This will give you more.




The Controls

The controls are are soooo simple. All you need to do is obviously aim at the right angle by swiping back (the power of your shot depends on how far back you pull the arrow) and releasing to shoot. Told you it was simple.





This game is available in the Tizen Store now for free with a download size of 9.7MB for the Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4 Tizen devices. If you are a developer and you want your app or game reviewed here on Tizen Experts, then contact us at [email protected].

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