Grab a Samsung Gear S2 4G/LTE smartwatch at discounted prices

Mouthwatering offers for the Samsung Gear S2 sport and Samsung Gear S2 Classic are currently available on Verizon and AT&T.
Efe Udin
Jul 3, 2017

The Samsung Gear S2 series was launched at IFA  about two years ago. It was the first Tizen-based smartwatch that was launched with the new round display. The Gear S2 comes in two models; the Gear S2 Sport and also the Gear S2 Classic. Admirers of these smartwatches who couldn’t purchase it because of its high price now have a chance to buy it because mouthwatering offers for VerizonAT&T, and T-Mobile Gear S2 are available on A4C, a third-party supplier.

At launch, these smartwatches sold for as much as $359.99 but currently, there is a price tag between $105 and $130.  These smartwatches sport 3G or 4G network connectivity which makes them more appealing as you don't need to have it constantly connected to a smartphone. Let us take a look at the pricing of the Gear S2 series from the different carriers


A4C currently has a used rubber band Gear S2, a refurbished rubber band Gear S2, and a refurbished leather band Gear S2 classic, all on Verizon network. The used rubberband Gear S2 is on sale for $104.95, the refurbished rubber band Gear S2 is selling for $119.95 while the refurbished leather band Gear S2 classic goes for $129.95. These offers represent 60% - 70% off the regular prices of these products.


You can buy any of the smartwatches with Verizon network via the links below



4AC also has a used dark gray Gear S2 on AT&T network for sale. This smartwatch is selling for $109.95 as against its regular price of $359.99.

You can buy the Samsung Gear S2 with AT&T network HERE



4AC currently has a refurbished rubber band Gear S2 on T-Mobile network for sale. This smartwatch is selling for $109.95 as against its regular price of $359.99.

tmobile gear s2 on 4AC

You can buy the Samsung Gear S2 with T-Mobile network HERE


The Samsung Gear S2 series has a circular 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display, powerful Exynos 3250 chip and it is water and dust resistant. The full specs for the Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic are available.

N/B. Please check the buy link properly for the condition of the smartwatch before purchase.

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