Grand Crime Mafia - Auto Gangster Shooter

Jul 17, 2017

So, are you ready for some killing? Well if you are, keep on reading. If not, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?? Anyways, Grand Crime Mafia - Auto Gangster Shooter is a game about kill mobsters who have done something wrong (the game doesn't specify what the mobsters have done wrong.) You need to either run them over with a car or shoot them. That is nice, isn't it? Well not for them. This game has really, and I mean REALLY detailed. When you look at the windows of a building, you can little splodge the reflection of light. This game has also been rated four out of five which is a pretty good rating and the developer, Modern Alchemists OG, has currently made twelve other games and has made one game. Poor lonely app 🙁


Game-Grand-Crime-Mafia-Auto-Gangster-Shooter-Tizen-Store-3 Game-Grand-Crime-Mafia-Auto-Gangster-Shooter-Tizen-Store-4


The Controls

The controls are pretty simple. When driving a car, you can't shoot out of your car windows (but that would make the game even cooler.) Now, when in a car, in the top left corner you have the menu button, a map that shows you where you are in the game's world, the targets picture and a number of targets you have killed. In the top right corner is the camera angle (you tap it to change your point of view), the speed you are driving at and how much of a boost you have left on a bar. In the bottom left is a left and right arrow button, these make you steer left or right. I'll let you figure out the controls for when you are not in a car.


LEAN IN CLOSE!! There is a glitch in the game. When you tap or push the jump button, you obviously jump. But if you press the jump repeatedly, you will carry on jumping whilst in the air. You can use this to jump on buildings and discover the map more. You're welcome!



Grand Crime Mafia - Auto Gangster Shooter is available in the Tizen store now for free with a download size of 42.67MB for the Tizen Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4 smartphones.

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