Interview of Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program Winners

Jul 21, 2017

In the beginning of 2017, Samsung announced the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program that would award the top 100 most downloaded apps every month with a $10,000 incentive. This was an initiative to boost the app count and quality on the Tizen which showed a very slow rate of improvement just a year ago. 2017 on the other hand has been a good year for the Tizen store with a lot of popular apps and games making their way on to the platform and even some Tizen exclusive apps made into the top charts.

The people behind the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program recently interviewed some of the developers of the winning apps of the Incentive programs- Photo Magic Art, Music Recognizer, Sunset Bike Racer– Motocross, Ninja Samurai Assasin Hero and Ninja Assassin’s. It is interesting to see that the developer community for Tizen apps is a blend of both young developers as well as veterans who have been in the app development business from the times of Symbian OS.

The developers were also full of praise for the Tizen platform as despite it being new platform for them, the learning curve to develop Tizen apps wasn't too much of a burden. The aforementioned also have different origins Photo Magic Art for example is web based while Ninja Assassin's is a port from Android and there are Music Recognizer has been upgraded from its Bada OS roots indicating the flexibility of app development on Tizen.

The developers did mention that the $10,000 was indeed a motivation for them to take the bold step of exploring Tizen to launch their applications. Interestingly, they also mentioned that due to the less competition unlike on Android and iOS where bigger developers have a lot of money for advertising, Tizen makes it an ideal platform for Indie developers to strive in the competition.

You can watch all the video interviews below. For the complete interviews, head over here.



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