Newly launched Subway self-order kiosks to support Samsung Pay & Apple Pay

Efe Udin
Jul 19, 2017

The times are changing rapidly and whoever finds himself at this time must change with it. A decade ago, it will be considered as "madness" if you say you want to order a sandwich with your phone and pay for it with the same phone but right now, its reality. Subway announced today that it will launch a restaurant redesign, captioned “Fresh Forward”.

The idea behind "Fresh Forward" is for special self-service monitors to be placed in strategic places. These monitors will be compatible with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay so that people can easily order their sandwich and pay for it. It is also possible to place an order before you get to the restaurant via Subway's app or its Facebook Messenger chat bot. This is a future development and even though it is not divine presently, at least it is convenient.

For a start, the Fresh Forward monitors will be placed at 12 locations throughout the US, Canada, and the UK. These locations include Tamarac, FL; Orlando, FL (2); Winter Park, FL; Chula Vista, CA; Knoxville, TN; Palmview, TX; Hillsboro, OR; Vancouver, WA; Beauport, QC; Granby, QC; and Manchester, U.K. Subway is confident that this innovation will not remain local but will be hitting the global community by the end of the year.


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