Penza State University partners with Samsung to run an affiliate program on Tizen education

Penza State University partners with Samsung to run an affiliate program on Tizen education. This will benefit the students greatly.
Efe Udin
Jul 10, 2017

Samsung Electronics Research Center and Penza State University (PSU), Russia, have reached an agreement for Samsung to run the Tizen Education for University, Scientific and Educational Program in the university which will provide modern mobile devices that run on Tizen operating system. This program is slated to commence from the new academic session in two departments (Department of "Information and Computing Systems" and "Computer Science") and it will be coordinated by Associate Professor of IVS AV Kuzmin - Ph.D.

The representative of Faculty of Computer Engineering, PSU, said

"In the fast-growing field of IT, as a key to success, we can only focus on long-term development work with leading companies that provide the future information"

Tizen is an advanced open source operating system based on the Linux kernel, and it is designed for a wide range of devices, which includes smartphones, tablets, computers, in-vehicle infotainment systems, etc. The platform is developed and managed by the Linux Foundation with the help of other international corporations such as Samsung, Intel, etc.

Tertiary institutions in Russia such as the Higher School of Economics (HSE), National Research University, Kazan Federal University, Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU), and others which have partnered with Samsung in the framework of the Tizen software become the leading universities in the country.




This program creates opportunities for students, which will enable them to develop web applications for the Tizen OS and gives them access to HTML5 and JavaScript tools. The students will benefit immensely from the program because their skills for this future-oriented platform (Tizen) will be developed. Furthermore, they will gain access to materials prepared by leading experts in IT and will get the opportunity to implement their own scientific innovation projects, IoT, mHealth, and others based on modern platforms. Other activities will be organized as the program proceeds.

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