Report - Linux based Operating Systems for IoT takes lead with a massive 80% market share

Jul 4, 2017

The domestic PC OS market has been a complete one sided dominance by Microsoft's Windows OS for a long time now. This year, Windows had a 96.99 percent market share (although a 0.11 percent slip from last year) and this strong hold of the PC OS market is not likely to change for years to come. However, Windows also happens to be on the receiving end of domination in new technology domains such as IoT (Internet of Things) and Cloud Computing. Linux has been the most favorable choice in these domains as it is an Open Source platform.


The x86 servers which make up most of the Cloud Computing's core servers are currently being shared neck to neck between Linux and Windows server OS with Linux taking a slight lead with its 50.4 percent share as compared to 49.4 share of Windows according to Korea IDC. One of the reason for this downfall of Windows is due to the non flexible nature of the OS to support new technologies. Microsoft is well aware of the problem and brought out new cloud services such as Microsoft Azure but it still lags behind the flexibility of Linux based servers and has a lot of catch up to do.

When it comes to the IoT domain, the platform is a complete landslide with Linux based OS running on over 80 percent of the devices according to a survey conducted by Eclipse. Windows has tried out its hand in IoT with its own Windows IoT core service that is compatible with both ARM and x86/64 devices however, Linux based OS especially embedded Linux has been widely accepted by multiple industries for its low cost, ease of access and more importantly for being less resource intensive.

Tizen, which is also based on Linux, at its kernel has also been actively contributing to the IoT industry with Samsung's long line up of Home Appliances being built with Tizen as the embedded OS. With the upcoming version 4.0 of Tizen, the foray of Tizen into the IoT industry is expected to grow massively as discussed during this years Tizen Developer Conference.

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