Samsung develops Bixby-powered earpiece after the successful launch of Bixby in U.S. English

Efe Udin
Jul 25, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launching in September this year but it will not be unveiled alone as Samsung is working on a new Bixby-powered Bluetooth earpiece for small business and artificial intelligence (AI). The development of this earphones has reached advanced stages and testing of this product has begun. As of now, Samsung's plan for this product is not vivid, as we do not know if it will be treated as an accessory or if it will be offered as a bundle of smartphones.

There are some special technologies which have been used in the development of this earset. It is designed to reduce malfunctioning due to ambient noise. This earpiece is expected to perfectly extract users voice even in a very noisy environment because it uses the noise cancellation technology connected to the human body which is expected to sieve out all sounds that are not emanating from the human body. This is one advantage that this Bixby earpiece will have over its competitors.

A Samsung official said

"When the Bluetooth earset for exclusive use of the BIX is released, it will be a great addition to the convenience of the Samsung flagship smartphone users...It is hard to confirm the specific progress since it is not yet a confirmed model"

Much work has been put into the development of Bixby which was expected to launch alongside Samsung Galaxy S8 some months ago but that didn't happen due to the fact that Bixby wasn't ready as at the launch date. Now that Bixby has taken a huge leap by launching in U.S. English, Samsung Electronics can now concentrate on the development of Bixby assisted devices. With the configuration of this earset, users will be able to get accurate answers even if they command their earsets without bringing their smartphones closer. It is expected to be unveiled as a Samsung E-brand earmark.

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