Samsung Electronics expands its lineup of Family Hub refrigerator

Efe Udin
Jul 13, 2017

Samsung Electronics always want to satisfy consumer preferences and good taste - so It recently introduced its new Family Hub refrigerator. Samsung Electronics Family Hub refrigerator is definitely the future and it has modernized the concept of kitchen appliance. It is no longer just a fridge to keep food in good condition, now, it is practically the heart of a connected home.


The South Korean manufacturing giants recently unveiled two of its well-known models. The F9000 and the T9000 both of which now comes with Voice Assistant functionality. The F900 has its freezer on the left and the fridge on the right while the T900o is a four-door premium refrigerator with its freezer compartment at the bottom and the fridge on top.

Samsung-Electronics-Expands-Family-Hub-Refrigerator-1Samsung introduces new 4-door T9000 (left) and F9000 double door model with "Family Hub" function.

The unveiling of these new Family Hub no doubt expands customers choice. Interestingly, these models are loaded with many amazing features which were thought to belong to the next generation of smart refrigerators. It supports an online search for groceries and orders can also be placed. These can be done with a simple voice command as the refrigerator is equipped with Bixby. The Voice recognition function was added to Family Hub since May this year while Samsung Pay is expected in next month thus payment can be made directly from the smart mail app.




Samsung did a good job by incorporating its top-of-the-line technology into its most popular products because it makes the product much more appealing. Family Hub is Samsung’s latest Internet-of-Things (IoT) based smart fridge technology and owning the F9000 (800-liter capacity) requires 2.69 million Korean Won (approx. $2364). The T9000 comes with two metallic design patterns. It has the “Natural Metal” T9000 model with 841 liters capacity and the “Elegant Innox” model which uses the hint horizontal pattern with 842 liters capacity. The former cost 3.39 million Korean Won (approx. $2979) while the latter sells for 3.29 million Korean Won (approx. $2891).


Samsung-Electronics-Expands-Family-Hub-Refrigerator-4Introducing the new F9000 side-by-side model equipped with the "Family Hub" function of Samsung Electronics 


These new models come with upgraded apps, it does not only search the web but also supports TV, movies and radio functions. It also has the one-stop food management and family communication features to guarantee an amazing experience. Later this month, Samsung will include an app that helps to search for recipes using ingredients and theme.


The T9000 freezer compartment now has a consistent temperature deviation of ± 0.5 ℃ in order to maintain the taste and flavor of foods. It also includes four customizable temperature settings: Fridge at 41° F, Chilled at 30° F, Soft Freeze at 23° F, and Frozen at -9 to 1° F.Samsung-Electronics-Expands-Family-Hub-Refrigerator-8
F9000 side-by-side product image featuring 'Family Hub' function

Samsung-Electronics-Expands-Family-Hub-Refrigerator-84-door T9000 Elegant Innox product image with "Family Hub" function

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