Samsung’s Tizen smartphones are gradually being expanded into more markets around the globe. However, it would be impractical for developers in non Tizen markets to wait until Samsung released the Z line up of smartphones in their countries to start developing Tizen apps or port their existing apps over to Tizen. That is where Samsung’s Remote Testing Lab (RTL) has turned out to be the most useful tool for developers worldwide. RTL provides remote access to most of Samsung’s devices for developers to test their applications from their computers virtually.


The most recently launched Tizen smartphone – Samsung Z4 has now landed on the RTL website running Tizen 3.0. Developers who wanted to test their application on the Z4 can now head to RTL and lease the smartphone for a maximum of 2 hours. To run the remote you’ll need to have some minimum requirements on your PC such as-

  • Modern web browser with JavaScript enabled.
  • Java Runtime Environment(v1.7+) with Java Web Start
  • Network port 2600 needs to be available.



In addition to these, a decent internet connection is certainly recommended for a latency free usage. You can select between three Device versions of the Z4 at the moment which reflect the country where they will be in demand for developers, which begs the question where is India and South Africa on that list? Once you have tested your application on the Z4 you can then test it for backwards compatibility on other Z lineup of smartphones such as the Z1, Z2 and the Z3.

You can start running the virtual Z4 from here.