Samsung's Exynos III VR headset prototype spotted with eye and hand tracking

Jul 6, 2017

South Korean tech giant Samsung has been revealed to be working on a VR headset whose prototype was spotted recently at the Samsung Booth at MWC, Shanghai which ended on July 1. The VR headset, which is powered by the Tizen OS, is said to be a Standalone headset and is dubbed Exynos VR III. It is not as if we have seen an Exynos VR II or earlier so the choice of name is a bit confusing. The wearable gadget was showcased at the Shanghai Mobile World Congress by Chinese VR eye-tracking company Visual Camp.

The Samsung Exynos VR III standalone headset is said to be powered by a 10nm SoC with Mali G71 graphics, bearing semblance to an Exynos 9 Series chip. The gadget comes with dual "WQHD+" displays with a likely resolution of 2560 x 1440pixels or something similar at 90Hz, or one 4K display at 75Hz. However, it’s not yet known what type of screen the headset packs but whatever it is is going to be enormous.

Visual Camp actually announced their partnership with Samsung on the Exynos VR III which involves the eye-tracking technology of the company being mounted on Samsung Electronics' next-generation all-in-one-type Exynos VR HMD (head-mounted display). Apart from eye-tracking technology, the headset will also come with hand tracking, voice recognition and facial expression recognition feature. The device is also revealed to offer foveated rendering, made possible by the eye-tracking technology, which concentrates rendering power wherever the eyes are actually focused.

The size of the headset is quite huge, obviously, a prototype which may see some fine tuning before it is finally released. The design may also see some modification from this demo version. But the key highlight is the technological features the Exynos III VR is listed to come with but it just has to have a compact size. Affordability is also another thing but we don't expect this to come cheap. We'll have to wait for an official announcement from Samsung about the Exynos III VR .

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