Sessions X music video app for Samsung's Tizen TV launched

Jul 13, 2017

There's a new app in town for the Samsung Tizen-powered smart TV known as Sessions X. The new app was developed by Corpus Media Labs for Lightbox Video Inc. which is best known for its LightBox Video app. LightBox is also known for providing consumers and clients with high-quality insightful video content laced with information and entertainment.

The new Sessions X app is an on-demand video app which is targeted at music lovers. It is an online music series which showcases the collaborative works between music producers and artists. Its large database houses millions of HD songs. The new app also streams the content to users with unmatched clarity, thus providing an unbeatable experience. The app features some of the best and most compelling musical performances cutting across a variety of musical genre which was collated by award-winning producer Gavin Brown teaming up with the artists who hold the copyrights. The compilation on Session X was recorded at the renowned Noble Street Studios and it features music from today’s iconic artists and some of the future stars of tomorrow. The videos all come in 4K resolution while the audio is available in HD quality.

The Sessions X app is available for the Tizen TV range, which is the operating system onboard Samsung's Smart TV series since 2015. The app seems to also be available for smartphones and has the capability of letting users connect with music videos daily not just on their phones but also on their smart TVs. In addition, the app comes with a host of innovative new features, for instance, there are options to review videos before deciding which one catches your fancy or which you'd like to share with friends and family. The entertaining app has been launched and is currently available in the U.S, Canada and South East Asian markets.

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