My Spotify Music, Artist and Song Database Released for Tizen Mobile

Efe Udin
Jul 3, 2017

Spotify was developed by Spotify AB in Sweden and it was officially launched in 2008. It is a music, and video streaming app that provides protected contents from record labels and media companies. If you love to stream music, then you will love Spotify because it has a very large song database and it’s now an app named My Spotify Music, Artist and Song Database is available for all current Tizen mobiles. This is not the official spotify smartphone app and has been created by app developer Yee Koon Yeo.

You will have FREE access to a world of music that is available from Spotify very own API. You can search for your best music track or album and listen to it using Spotify. Also, you can now create your playlist which will contain your favorite music tracks in whatever order you choose and listen to them anytime, anywhere.



Spotify has a very comprehensive database which will almost guarantee that your favorite music will be available. Though the Spotify app is free, you will need to have an internet connection to search for your favorite music or artist. You can now stream a new song and download if you want it to be your ringtone or message tone. You can also add it to your playlist and listen to it offline later.

Spotify comes with some interesting features coupled with its large database. If you cannot find your favorite artist or music track on Spotify, you can import your own MP3s, play them as if they were streamed, and even add them to your playlists. Music is much fun with friends. You can keep a tab on what your friend is listening to on Spotify. However, you can also activate a “private session” if you don’t want your friends to know what you're listening to.

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