Stray animals now receives medical services from Samsung’s community service group

Efe Udin
Jul 7, 2017

Samsung is known for manufacturing high-end tech devices and products which can be used for different purposes. Earlier this year, it ventured into the animal health care industry after the official launch of PT10V at the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) Conference in Orlando, Florida. The PT10V is a point-of-care (POC) blood analyzer for pets which was selected as “must see” product by the conference organizers.

This product is more than just another high-tech device from Samsung, rather it gives an avenue for something different. This is the belief of some Samsung employees at its Health & Medical Equipment Business Department. In April this year, some members of the department collaborated and formed a group called “Mung Nyangs” with the slogan “Happier together”. The main responsibility of this group is to ensure that stray animals are happy and receive care under the volunteer program.


Samsung Electronics has a support platform for employees who create community service programs. This support mechanism is called  "Voluntainment Talent Sharing" program. “Mung Nyangs” uses this platform to provide four PT10Vs to animal shelters across South Korea. The animal shelters were quite happy for the state-of-the-art medical equipment which costs several thousands of dollars per unit. Free blood test cartridges were also supplied by the group to make sure that the animals get adequate care.

The PT10V can test for over 10 blood ailments which include liver, lung, and digestive system diseases. These tests can be done at the same time and the results are gotten within 10 minutes which can be shared with other devices via an app. Samsung PT10V comes with a compact design and its results are quite impressive.

Samsung-Mungnyangs-3“Mung Nyangs” has received lots of accolades and appreciation since it started a few months back. In view of this, Samsung plans to extend the program internationally considering the success of the PT10V blood analyzer in South Korea. It will continue to support veterinary-related service groups by making available the much needed medical equipment so that animals around the world can be cared for.

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