Tizen expected to ramp up smartphone market share post 2019

Jul 7, 2017

Smartphone OS has become a two horse race for several years now between Android and iOS. The competition and the market share between the two has put down some big names in the smartphones OS business to dust such as Symbian,Blackberry OS and of course Windows phone OS. However, recent reports from market research firm Strategy Analytics points that the Android-iOS supremacy is slowly going to decline from 2019 and hence paving way to new competition likely hailing from Asia.

Tizen is one such OS that is likely going to see a jump in its smartphone market share from 2019. At present, there are about 100 million Tizen devices out in the market but they are spread across various categories such as TVs, Cameras, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Wearables and smaller IoT devices and a small share of entry level smartphones. The spread of Tizen over such a vast category of devices is due to the flexible nature of Tizen- Something that Android and iOS are now starting to explore with wearables, TVs, smart-speakers, etc.


With almost every home electronics entering the connected era, a smart, secure and flexible OS is crucial to strive in the market. And that is exactly what Samsung is currently trying to achieve with the help of Tizen. Research institutes from the US predict that the popularity of Tizen smartphones will continue to grow overtime with Tizen smartphones expected to spread across several markets around the world in various price ranges and form factors. But for the time being, Samsung is building Tizen with caution and not in a hurry and at the same, time the Electronics giant is looking to build all its future devices with Tizen at its core.

An excerpt from Industry leaders was quoted as-

"As manufacturers, we can not just say that Android will go to our refrigerator, washing machine and vacuum robot They do not know how to do this We are the creators, we know all the functions that exist there and how to embed the right OS there. "

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