Unblock Me ! Free, Do You Think You Can Free The Block???

Jul 11, 2017

Unblock Me! Free is a game where you have to unblock a red piece of the block from a puzzle of other blocks. You may think it's easy as pie but your dead wrong. You have a certain amount of moves to get all three stars on each level, if you go over the move limit, you get fewer stars. 🙁 Unblock Me ! Free has been rated three points eight out of five by twenty-eight people, the majority rating it a five. I would call that an acceptable rating. 😉 The sounds are rare (there aren't that many sounds.) But on the other hand, the graphics look really nice. The wood blocks are really detailed. I think this game is designed for the type of people that love a brain teaser. Hopefully, more levels will be added regularly to keep us entertained FOREVER!!! The developer, Vo Duy Phuong has only made this one game. Unblock Me! Free.


The Controls

The controls are really, the utmost simple controls EVER!!! All you need to do is swipe the normal blocks out of the way to make a straight path for the red block to get to the end. Each level has the different amount of blocks and gets harder as you go and play through them all.


This game is available in the Tizen Store for the Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4  Tizen devices with a download size of 24.34MB. Remember, if you are a developer or you know someone that is, contact us and tell us about the game you want us to review on our website at [email protected].

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