Video shows the impressive capabilities of Samsung's Bixby Voice Assistant

Jul 17, 2017

Samsung's Bixby Voice AI has become a hotly contentious issue ever since the flagship was launched in April. Samsung had promoted Bixby as one of the stands out features on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus but to the consternation of owners of the latest flagship models, the company is still unable to deliver the feature till date. Samsung has continued to postpone the roll out of the Voice Assistant because it is still not ready.

However, Samsung recently launched a preview of the Bixby Voice in the U.S for a select number of Galaxy S8 owners. The early access program afforded the lucky few the opportunity to play around with the voice functionality of the AI. The program was also an opportunity for Samsung to collect much-needed data and feedbacks which would help it improve on Bixby.

One of the early adopters, YouTuber Sakitech has given us an opportunity to have a peek into the new feature and see its capabilities. The YouTuber posted a video on his YouTube channel which shows how Bixby Voice works and it is quite impressive. From the video we can gather that Bixby will be capable of performing some basic tasks such as taking screenshots, turning on the Wi-Fi, adjusting brightness and more in response to the relevant voice commands.

Bixby will also come in handy in our domestic life as it is even capable of embarking on advanced tasks such as remembering the parking location, launching the camera as well as taking a shot even when the phone is locked, adjusting the display resolution, switching video resolution and much more. The video is a clear indication that Samsung isn't exaggerating about Bixby's ability to respond to voice command whenever it is prompted by tapping on the display. The company is still perfecting the technology and just recently, it was disclosed that the Korean giant acquired Greece-based Text-to-Speech startup Innoetics and who knows, it could further use the startup's technology to improve on Bixby.

It is still unclear as to when Samsung will officially release Bixby Voice for all Galaxy S8 owners and future owners but recent report hints that Bixby will be released in the U.S next week, precisely on July 18.We can't say for sure but its preview suggests that its release is imminent. You can check out the video from down below so you'll see for yourselves the amazing capabilities of Samsung's Bixby Voice Assistant.



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