VideoAudio Converter app now updated with Audio Joiner feature for Tizen 3.0

Jul 27, 2017

He guys, do you remember the VideoAudio Converter app by Om Prakash, which was added to the Tizen store last year in November? Well, the app received a few further updates that added the audio trimmer feature in December 2016 and the video cutter feature on February 2017. The developers also said that they will add audio/mp3 joiner and video joiner feature very soon, and this week one of the features added: Audio/Mp3 Joiner.


How to use the App

  • Launch the app
  • Select ‘Audio/mp3 joiner’ option
  • Tap on 'Add' button on left down screen
  • Select more than 1 audio files one by one
  • Tap on ‘Merge’ button
  • Tap open button on notification bar


How to save a file

  • Launch File Manager
  • Go to Device Storage
  • Select the Music Folder
  • The merging audio files are available


This app is available for all Tizen-based smartphones but this new feature is only for Tizen 3.0 Version, meaning at the moment only Samsung Z4 users can use the new feature.


Overall features


Upcoming Feature

  • Video Joiner


If Z4 users have previously downloaded and installed this app, you need to click the update button to activate this new feature and the new users need to tap on ‘Get button’ on Tizen store. Z1, Z2& Z3 users will not get this update now. This app is now available in the Tizen Store and the size of this app extended to 0.55MB from 0.43MB to download.



Note: If in your device storage does not have a ‘Music’ folder, then you need to create a ‘Music’ folder in order to save these items. In this app also has a new option ‘Video Joiner’ which is display as coming soon. The developers say that they will release this feature very soon.

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