Visual Studio Tools Preview 4 for Tizen and Tizen.NET 3.0.0 now released

Jul 10, 2017

Samsung has been trying to bring as many developers as possible onboard to the Tizen development community which includes bringing C# developers as well. Hence, Tizen.NET was introduced last year to make it convenient for .NET developers to build Tizen apps. The Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.NET is currently in development and the fourth preview version was recently released bringing in a lot enhancements to building Tizen applications.

The update introduces developers to Tizen.NET 3.0.0. Most of the improvements is a result of the recent .NET core 2.0 Preview update released by Microsoft. This brings support to .NET Standard 2.0 and an 100% increase in APIs compared to previous releases.

Improvements in Visual Studio Tools includes support for x86 Tizen.NET TV Emulator Preview thus totalling the emulator support to 3, which includes x64 TV, x64 Mobile, and x86 TV Emulator. Developers now have the freedom of downloading Tizen.NET 3.0.0 directly through Nuget from the command line itself.


The new Device APIs introduced with this update are-
  • Tizen.Log: Prints log messages to Tizen's logging system.
  • Tizen.Multimedia.Radio: Provides radio functionality.
  • Tizen.Network.IoTConnectivity:  Manage, for example, resources, remote resources, requests, and responses based on IoTivity projects.
  • Tizen.Security.TEE: Allows client applications to run in rich operating environments to communicate with trusted security-related applications that run within the Trusted Execution Environment (TEST).
  • Tizen.Uix.VoiceControl: Controls the device through the user's voice.


Samsung will release the next preview of Tizen.NET at the same time of the 2nd Tizen 4.0 Public Milestone. The first Tizen devices with .NET capabilities will be released by the end of 2017 by Samsung. You can download the latest preview of Visual Studio Tools from here, while Tizen.NET 3.0.0 can be downloaded here which measures in at a mere 3kb size which can be added as a Visual Studio extension.

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