World Soccer League 2017, Become the Greatest!

Jul 22, 2017

World Soccer League 2017 is a game for all you football / soccer players out there. So let's get the basics covered first. The graphics are really good and detailed, backed up with some realistic sound from the roaring, ear-deafening crowds. This game has currently been rated three point two out of five by over one hundred people with the majority rating it a five, which is REALLY good. The developer, who takes all the credit, Sunaina Kushwaha, has currently made three other apps that all have good ratings.

The good things about this game are that it includes AI (Artificial Intelligence, which helps you improve your playing skills and also makes your opponents harder to defeat. You may think this of a bad thing, but it is good because it brings new challenges to your path in becoming the greatest footballer ever!!




How to Play

So you've downloaded the game, you press play and then you need to pick from two different ways that you can play, Quick Match and an International Cup. Do I need to explain? You pick one and then you can pick your team. You can play as Brazil, Mexico, USA etc. Once you've picked your team, press the arrow and pick the opponents team, then press the arrow again and get ready to play.




The controls are simple, at the start of the game you press pass to start and carry on from there. On the bottom-left corner you have your joystick to make you go in different directions to pass or run. In the bottom-right you have the pass button, the shoot button and the sprint button. Along the top you have each teams amount of points and the time that you've been playing.



Game-World-Soccer-League-2017-Tizen-Store-2 Game-World-Soccer-League-2017-Tizen-Store-1


This game is available in the Tizen Store now for free on the Tizen Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4 devices with a download size of 39.34MB.

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