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Efe Udin
Aug 14, 2017

The main concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is still strange to many people around the world, however, IoT is the future where we can have interconnected smart physical devices and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity which can make these devices to interchange data. Device manufacturers are already looking forward to producing IoT devices, however, this will require a platform. The good news is, you don't have to build that platform. Samsung ARTIK is a well established IoT platform that is designed to suit manufacturers needs.


An established platform is needed because it will save you valuable time and technological effort. With an already existing platform, a manufacturer can go straight to the subject matter which is your core value. Ultimately, you will save money which is probably the main essence of the work in the first place. The simple truth is that there are already many players in the IoT business and if you don't use a platform, your competitors most likely will and they will certainly beat you to the end-product before you finish designing your platform.



What is Samsung ARTIK

As stated earlier, Samsung ARTIK is an established IoT hardware and software platform with pre-certification, production-ready hardware, enterprise-quality cloud features, and integrated security. This platform offers the perfect technical support and partner ecosystem that you need to bring your ideas to market.


What is ARTIK Cloud

ARTIK Cloud is an open data transfer interface which provides the right facilities for you to direct your attention towards giving your contribution to IoT. It provides the platform to store, aggregates, transport, broker data between data sources. IoT is about creating a connection between devices, services, and users in homes, cities, and beyond. this can be a very cumbersome process if the bridges that support the movement of data are not in place and this is what ARTIK Cloud stands for.

Abhi Rele, ARTIK Cloud’s Director of Product Marketing, said

“With the right platform, you can take that core proposition to market sooner, at lower development risk and cost.” It’s important not to overlook the word “core”.

Why ARTIK Cloud

There are numerous reasons why ARTIK Cloud is the best IoT platform that you need. Let's take a look at some of its benefits

  • Works with third-party devices

Many third-party devices have been tested and verified thus it takes only a few minutes to connect a working device with these products. Adequate plans are already on course to move into the production phase thus ARTIK Cloud developers can move data quickly and securely. Currently, on ARTIK Cloud, developers have published more than 1,000 new IoT device types that are available for other devices and applications to work with.

  • Data Format

With ARTIK Cloud, it is needless to design custom, point-to-point integrations for solutions because all data are configured to speak the same language using Manifests. This approach ensures that there is a seamless operation between third-party IoT devices and services.

  • Customized individual connections

ARTIK Cloud is well on track to customizing individual connections to managing devices at industrial scale. ARTIK Cloud ensures that data sources and smart interactions run smoothly in concert while you create the value by developing new situation for data applicability. With ARTIK Cloud’s device management features, organizations can perform tasks such as firmware updates on a fleet of devices, using the Device Mirror and LWM2M protocol.

  • ARTIK Cloud Monetization

Recently, Samsung Electronics took the concept of IoT a step further by developing and launching Samsung ARTIK™ Cloud Monetization for IoT which will enable the monetization of all data that is shared across IoT devices. This means that device manufacturers can now use Samsung ARTIK™ Cloud’s extensive interoperability features to create a new source of income. Device manufacturers have had the issue of regaining data cost associated with free apps and third-party devices/services. This problem will be curtailed by Samsung ARTIK™ Cloud Monetization because it would provide a complete brokering, metering and payments system.

  • Developer cooperation

ARTIK Cloud has created an extensive open API through which developers can benefit from each other and subsequently making more data available. A device manufacturer can onboard and test a new device type using the Online Device Simulator. If an application developer identifies his device type, he can instantly use it as a data source. The secure environment for these connections is provided by ARTIK Cloud because it works as a single functioning ecosystem.



There is so much anticipation on what IoT has to offer when it is fully established and this has caused a lot of standard changes within a short period. It is a hectic duty to develop the bridge connecting these devices and then creating the devices thus developers can concentrate on unleashing state-of-the-art devices while ARTIK Cloud platform does the work of connecting your ideas with the developer community.

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