Checkmate your driving with Car Assistant for Gear S2, S3, Fit2

Efe Udin
Aug 24, 2017

Car Assistant is a watchface gadget that is designed to be used by a motorist. It is not a secret that once in a while, we are all tempted to speed a little whilst driving. While most of us shy away from this fact, it is true and that is why we need some sort of assistant to check our every move whilst behind the wheel. Car Assistant offers you that support that you need. Interestingly, this app is built for our wrist so its alert can never be missed. It is a new active watch-face for Samsung Gear S2, S3 and Fit2 wearables. Currently, it is available in Galaxy Apps store on your mobile device. It automatically detects when you drive and offers the following functions:

  • Speed limit warning
  • Exceeding the driving duration
  • Detecting somnolence
  • Detecting overstrain


The alert that comes from Car Assistant is strong enough to get your attention but not too strong enough to distract you. When you are speeding or you are experiencing fatigue after long hours of driving, the sound/vibration alarm is triggered. This app can detect motorist behaviour because it is designed with available sensors like accelerometer, heart rate monitor, GPS etc. that are used. You have the choice to choose what sort of alert you need either vibrate alone, sound alone or both. This app is built for everyone of driving age and has no expiry date.

The app was last updated on the 25th of April, taking it to Version 1.0.1, and its only 666.48 KB in size thus it should be easy to download and install. If you encounter any problem downloading or using this app, please send a feedback to the developers or leave a comment on our comment section below.

Happy driving!

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