Find the best of Tizen mobile apps and games with the 9 Apps Grid

Aug 24, 2017

Over the last couple of years, the Tizen store has grown enormously with lots of apps and games available despite there being only four Tizen smartphones currently available in the market- Z1, Z2, Z3 and the Z4, more are on the way 😉 While too many apps on the Tizen store is good for the Tizen platform's growth, it can most certainly be confusing for users who are new to Tizen smartphones. Finding the right app that suits your requirement or if you just want to explore the best apps and games that the Tizen platform has to offer could become a challenging task. That is where the '9 Apps Grid' app fills the void.

9 Apps Grid compiles all the best apps and games currently on the Tizen store making it easier for users to find them all in a single place. The apps are also categorized based on the niche or service they offer such. Unlike the Android version of 9 apps which is a separate app store itself like the Google playstore, the 9 Apps Grid for Tizen mobile only redirects you back to the Tizen store so you don't have to be about the apps being modified with malwares.

9 Apps isn't the only such app on the Tizen store that filters the best apps and games, but the whole UI of this one is very clean and even free from ads. The app size is only 0.26MB on the store so it shouldn't eat up more than 4-5MB of space when you install on your Tizen device and hence this is certainly a recommended app from our end.

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