Gear S2 / S3 can measure noise on the go with Decibel Level Meter App

Aug 14, 2017

The smartphones and smart wearables that we take for granted these days are devices that are capable of doing a lot more than just being a portal for social media, entertainment, etc. Every now and then we are reminded of this reality through some unique apps that happen to grab our attention. The Decibel level meter for the Gear S3 and the Gear S2 is one such app which turns your smartwatch into a sound measuring device and outputs the recorded values in terms of decibels- a standard unit for the measurement of noise.


The app utilizes the built in microphone to measure the noise in your surroundings and displays the results in both graphical as well as actual readings. Since the microphone in the Gear S2 or S3 is practically designed to work in the human voice range you might want to hold off from using this app to measure deafening noises that could probably damage the microphone.


Key features

  • Show decibel by gauge
  • Display min/avg/max decibel values
  • Display the current noise reference
  • Display decibels by the graph


The Decibel Meter app can however be a nifty tool just in case you happen to be in a position where you would actually require a noise measuring device or you just want to compete with your friends on who is the loudest among the lost. The app is only a mere 557.4kB so you don't have to worry about eating up your Gear S2 or S3's internal storage.

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