Get paid for your skills in the Indonesia, Next Apps (INA) 4.0 Developer competition launched

Efe Udin
Aug 11, 2017

The Tizen project commenced six years ago and since then, Samsung Electronics has continued to drive the adoption of this operating system for its devices. No doubt, consumer acceptance strongly depends on the supporting application ecosystem, thus Samsung has continued to attract app developers through a series of incentives and competition with huge prizes.  Among them is the Indonesia Next Apps (INA) 4.0. INA 4.0 is an annual national competition which is hosted by Samsung to boost technological innovation through the creation of local apps.

Recall that Indonesia Next App 3.0 (INA 3.0) hosted last year was the introduction of the Tizen ecosystem in Indonesia which was followed by the official unveiling of the Samsung Z2, the first Tizen smartphone for Indonesia and Southeast Asia. About 196 applications were developed during INA 3.0 and these apps can be downloaded from the Tizen Store. This shows that there is a high level of interest and enthusiasm from local developers and startups in creating Tizen-based applications.
This year, INA 4.0, much more is expected. The main focus will be to challenge local developers to create apps using Samsung SDK, Gear VR as well as apps for Tizen Smartphones and Tizen Wearables. Indonesia is one of the largest contributors to the Tizen ecosystem. Presently, there are thousands of developers working on the Tizen platform and most of them are from India, Indonesia, and the United States. So far, Tizen developers have benefitted immensely from this program. 

As usual, there will be millions of rewards for developers who will join INA 4.0. Please note that applications that are included for INA 4.0 can also be used to claim a greater price from the ongoing Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program which is scheduled to run from February to October where the developers of the top 100 most downloaded apps on the Tizen Store at the end of each month receive $10,000 each.

As a tip, the winners of the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program is calculated based on the most downloaded app thus developers may want to know that gaming app, specifically racing and puzzle games have been favoured so far in the Tizen store.

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