Go on 3D Adventures with the Nano Ninja Run & Beach Rescue Tizen games

Aug 22, 2017

The Tizen ecosystem continues to expand, so too does the Tizen store where there are now loads of interesting apps for the Tizen-powered Samsung Z-series phones. If you are a lover of mobile games, there is no reason to get bored as the Tizen store has got lots of games that'll definitely keep you entertained. The catalog of games on the Tizen store recently got enlarged with the addition of two FREE 3D adventure games - Nano Ninja Run 3D and Beach Rescue 3D.



Both mobile games are compatible with all the Tizen-powered Samsung smartphone models including the latest Samsung Z4 and they are small download files, so won't occupy so much of your precious storage space. The Nano Ninja Run 3D is just 20.18MB large and is suitable for kids, girls, and boys of all ages. The game comes with a nice theme built with high definition 3D graphics and attractive environments. You also get to rock some awesome soundtracks that'll keep you entertained as you navigate through the scenes. It involves running and dodging obstacles as you do. There are coins to be collected during the dash. Just like Temple run, I'd say. The controls are also similar, swipe left or right on the screen to move in either direction and swipe up to jump.



On the other hand, if you are a lover of water sports you may find the Beach Rescue 3D more interesting. The Beach Rescue 3D is quite bulky at 92.37MB but it offers much more fun as it takes the adventure to a level that will keep you busy all day. The game is also for those who are dreaming of embarking on a bright career of being a lifeguard. It is perhaps one of the awesome rescue simulation games around and involves helping people stuck in a disaster situation where the sea has overflown its shores and flooded the city as a result. After selecting your rescue gears like medications, First Aid kits, and others, you'll then be on the watch with your binoculars for anyone in need of help while patrolling on your rescue boat. Sounds like fun? It is available now on the Tizen store for free and you may find the graphics nice also.

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