Interview with Gear Watchface Designer Nucleon - FREE Giveaway for Gear S2 / S3 / Fit2

Aug 19, 2017

We have had the opportunity to speak to many Tizen Gear Watch Designers - such as Ayla Gokmen, Denis Miroshnikov and Mike Wickens. Now, its time to add another name to the list- Nucleon. I've found his watchfaces to be modern, practical, informative and well designed. Read on and there might be something FREE, for our Tizen Experts readers, as a little thank you 😉

Nucleon, what is your background?

My name is John and my passion has always been programming software and graphic design. I have worked for a number of companies for many years but I fell in-love with programming very early on in my career. And so I have always found time to develop software and recently, mobile apps.


How long have you been designing watchfaces for?

I created my first watch face (Molecule) in February 2017 for my Samsung Gear S2 which I purchased from a friend. I haven’t heard about Gear Watch Designer yet so my first few watch faces for Samsung, I programmed them from scratch using Tizen Studio.


How many watchfaces have you created and how often do you create them?

I have 41 watch faces in my collection already. Since I also have a hectic, full-time office job, I try to make as much as my wife and kids would allow. I always make sure that my designs are very detailed and I take pride in each of them. When I create stuff, I make sure to list down suggestions from my users and as much as I can, I try to throw in what they'd like to see too.


How hard do you find creating Watchfaces for Gear Smartwatches?

I am extremely meticulous and detailed when designing my watch faces. Aside from the aesthetic, my creations has to have the right amount of information, while remaining glance-able and functional. But you know what, the most exciting part about designing watch faces for Samsung is you have butterflies in your stomach in the days leading up to its approval. Then to learn people love it as much as you do is a relief and also really rewarding. I keep a list of my most loyal customers and I gift them coupons whenever I can. For me, after-sales customer service must be top-notch.


Where can we find you on the net?

Email: [email protected]


What are you looking forward to in 2017?

I am looking forward to partner with Samsung to create apps such as games for its wearables community. I also hope to start an open-source community of developers where we can share codes and help each other create awesome apps. The future of wearables is very promising so I’m excited to take part in keeping it vibrant and spot-on.



Do you have any special giveaways for our readers?

The following watch faces are FREE to download for a limited time from 19-Aug to 22-Aug. If you liked these watch faces, please remember to leave a positive rating in my Samsung Galaxy App Store. Thank you for your support.




Download Links

Click on the download link from your smartphone that will take you directly to the desired watchface in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store:

Cosmic-G (12H) - Only for Gear Fit 2

Cosmic-G (24H) - Only for Gear Fit 2

Impact Fit

Momentum Fit (Silver)




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