Introducing VRU: How you can create the best in Virtual Reality

Adithya Kumar
Aug 14, 2017

Virtual Reality is the new popular thing in the world of technology. Even though it is still in its infancy, some of the content creators are pushing the boundaries. They are developing industry-leading, immersive, Virtual Reality videos which were previously thought to be impossible.

Over the next few weeks, VRU (Virtual Reality to the Power of You) Q&A series, companies like RYOT and SESQUI will be interviewed about what it takes to be cutting-edge of Virtual Reality company. Creation of a good and a compelling Virtual Reality can be difficult. Considering User Experience, it is difficult to develop videos that stay in for long periods of time.

The 360° camera is to be considered to be the viewer's head. The main issue is that when the camera is moved in a way that the viewer cannot move, they risk making the viewer nauseous. From an audio and dialogue perspective, creators also need to be mindful that while some narration adds to the experience, a lot of character exchange and dialogue can come across as amateurish. It all comes down to the execution. The main idea is that the video must be creative which gives the viewers an immersive experience.

The Virtual Reality content creators will be asked about the technology that they are using to craft the groundbreaking work, how they are overcoming current industry challenges, and figure out what they see for the future of virtual reality. Topics like how Virtual Reality storytelling differs from storytelling for flat framed content, how to overcome hurdles like lag and sim sickness when shooting, and monetisation techniques for Virtual Reality video will also be explored.

Virtual Reality enthusiasts can start off with Udacity. Samsung Developer Program(SDP) has partnered with Udacity to offer the members of SDP a discount of 25% (on term 1 and term 2) on their Virtual Reality nanodegree programs. This offer is available until September 1st, 2017. It’s a great opportunity to learn best practices from the experts. The members upon their completion of the Virtual Reality Nanodegree, they will also be eligible for a free Samsung 360° camera.

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