Love listening to Audiobooks? Here are the best ones to listen to from the Tizen Store

Aug 7, 2017

There are already thousands of apps in the Tizen store and it is only of late that we have seen an Influx of much needed Audiobook applications. Last month a development team added some interesting audiobook apps for all Tizen smartphone devices.

The developers are StarDesigns team who already made many of our popular apps for Tizen phones i.e. iLauncher, BetterTube, Selfie HD pro, 3D Panorama etc. Now they added more interesting audiobooks including Quran, Bible, Story of any mythological legends or any old Kings etc.

  • Audiobook-Apps-Tizen-Store-Experts-Samsung-Z1-Z2-Z3-Z4Quran Hindi Audiobook: Quran in Hindi language
  • Quran English Audiobook: Quran in English language
  • Quran Bengali Audiobook: Quran in Bengali language
  • Bible Audiobook: The holy Bible text
  • Hindi Bhajans: Hindi Bhajan songs
  • Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome: Amazing mythological stories of all the major and minor gods of Rome & Greece.
  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Amazing adventure stories of Huckleberry Finn
  • Pinocchio: Amazing adventure stories of Pinocchio
  • Alice in Wonderland: Amazing adventure stories of Alice in Wonderland
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Amazing adventures story of Tom Sawyer
  • King Arthur: Story of king Arthur and his knights
  • Heart – a Schoolboy’s Journal: A story.


All of the app sizes is below 1MB but the app database will be up to 1GB. After installing these apps tap on any song, chapter or story then its need to download from the database, so it will take a little bit time depending on your internet speed.

The app will also play audio even if it is running in the background. Internet connection is needed only for downloading the chapters. After downloading the app will work completely offline. Users can listen to the audio from Samsung Music Player. Users can find the audiobook files from Device storage à Downloads à Audiobook. So, now time to enjoy these apps.

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