Major Improvements come to the ACL and Flipkart apps following an update

Aug 29, 2017

Today, we have some more good news for our Tizen smartphone readers as the Flipkart app, which is an Openmobile World Wide Inc app, gets a major update today with some good improvements. Its been a while since this app has been updated, so the changes are definitely welcome.

At first, I want to mention the updated version of Flipkart is compatible with android Flipkart version, which is a similar version as what you can currently find in the Android Google Play Store. Following the update the app now runs smoother on all Tizen smartphones than ever before. In the previous version of Flipkart app, the main problem was it took so much time to open and also ran very slow but now the problem is 100% solved. You can use this app now like a native app.


Next thing is the new Flipkart app has now been updated with direct Flipkart lite server connectivity. That means you’ll get an update when the Flipkart lite website gets an update. We also get a new account feature that has been added as well as offer zone, view gift cards, Flipkart chat feature, and many more features that have now been added.

The ACL for Tizen App has also been updated to version is 2.3.73 which complements the update of Flipkart to version 3.0.29 and a download size of 11MB. I hope you enjoy the update. Is it working better for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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