IMO messaging app gets update, brings In-app & Lockscreen notifications and Bug fixes

Aug 23, 2017

A very popular instant messaging and free voice and video calling service- Imo has become an instant hit on the Tizen store and recently even appeared in the second spot just below WhatsApp for the popular apps on the Tizen store. This success is due to the large user base Imo has on other smart platforms. Imo also happens to be a native app and not web based and as we know, native apps are a treat use when they're free of annoying bugs and errors.


Since the developers at Imo are new to the Tizen platform, their native app understandably comes with a lot of bugs and errors. Imo, however, seems to have taken note of all these problems and are working their way to fix them to provide a good user experience. With that comes a new update to the app on the Tizen store, which is now version 1.0.1.

The update brings the much needed In-app notifications feature so that users don't have to manually open the app each time they receive a text to get notified. However, according to our own writer Joydeb, the feature doesn't seem to be working perfectly so another update should probably be on its way in the future. You also get the ability for Lockscreen call notifications.



Apart from that, there aren't any major changes that the update brings except a few minor bug fixes. A bug-free, feature-rich native IMO app might still be a few months away with regular updates flowing in. So you might have to be constantly updating the app for that experience to become a reality.

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