Popular instant messaging service Imo makes its way to top two on the Tizen Store

Aug 18, 2017

After just a week since the launch of the popular instant messaging app Imo, the app has climbed its way all the way to the top charts of the popular apps list on the Tizen store securing second position, while on the pole position sits its direct competition Whatsapp. This shows the kind of popularity the app has in most of the Asian markets where Tizen smartphones have made their entry. The smartphone app has also received an average 4.1 star user rating which kind of reflects on the quality of the service it offers.



For those unaware of imo, it is a free instant messaging platform and also offers free voice and video calls of very good quality, if you are on a decent internet speed of course. Whats more? the conversation whether over voice or texts are all end to end encrypted. Our initial impressions on the app's performance on Tizen have been quite good which is now reflected by its popularity on the Tizen store as well.

imo video call tizen
Another reason's for imo's instant success is because developers have made it a native app for Tizen and have not opted the easier web based route that some developers choose which then affects the usability of the app in terms of fluidity thus leading low ratings on the Tizen store. The native imo app works great on all Tizen phones currently out in the market- Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4. It can be downloaded from the Tizen Store and is of only 5.18MB size.

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