Your professional life is just a swipe away with the smart Bixby assistant

Aug 8, 2017

Samsung's bold move into the AI smart assistant competition against the likes of Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc was brought into action with Bixby. Although the company had to face some initial hiccups with rolling out Bixby into their flagship S8 and S8+ smartphones, that hurdle has been surpassed with recent updates as the English language based Bixby is now live in the US and is gradually being rolled out into more markets.

Samsung is now facing new hurdles with Bixby- Productivity and usefulness. Since all S8 and S8+ users always have the choice of using Google Assistant, Samsung have to offer a lot with Bixby so that their users do not make that choice. With that comes the new announcement from Samsung and Microsoft owned LinkedIn. LinkedIn have joined hands with Samsung to offer their services through Bixby. While on the Bixby home, you are just a right swipe away from accessing your professional space through LinkedIn.

Bixby will display all your scheduled meetings, your professional calendar and even update you on your reminders for professional meetings. Bixby will also display the complete Profile details of the people you are going to meet so that you have an idea of their professional background and if you want to have a look back to the people you have been with in your previous meetings, Bixby's got you covered there as well with the “LinkedIn: People You Met” option.

Setting up Bixby with LinkedIn is a relatively simple process as well as all that one has to do is log into their LinkedIn Profile on the LinkedIn app. Stay tuned for more updates from Bixby. We are particularly interested on the rumored standalone Bixby speaker which we reported earlier.

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