A quick look at the official Flagship Apps and Developers in the Tizen OS Family

Aug 18, 2017

The Tizen Smartphone OS is now approximately 2 years & 6 months old and Samsung Electronics Co. has already released four Tizen Smartphones in many countries such as Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 & Samsung Z4 with more devices coming soon; such as the rumoured as Samsung Z5 & Samsung Z9 and may be more. Already many app development teams are interested in developing their apps for the new Tizen OS.

Today, I want to have a look at some of the most popular smartphone apps currently available in the Tizen store. As Samsung Electronics Co. is the main partner of Tizen Development, so they already released many apps for us like- Samsung Video Player, Samsung Music Player, Samsung Email, Samsung Themes, Samsung Internet; these are the main Tizen Apps from Samsung. Besides these Smart Switch Mobile, Calendar, Calculator, Voice Recorder, Video Editor. All of the apps are now available for all Tizen smartphones. Samsung Email is the only one email app at this time now available on Tizen Smartphones so it is very necessary.





Facebook is another best development team now available on Tizen OS. They already released their four biggest apps and also four biggest in all over the world Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger & Instagram. These are all native Tizen versions and available for all Tizen smartphones.



Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.(RJIL)


Reliance-Jio-Infocomm-LtdReliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. is an Indian telecommunication company, which provides some of the best 4G data experience for all Indian 4G handset users. When the Samsung Z2 was released they also provided free 4G data for it and released their apps My Jio, JioBeats, & JioOnDemand. Now they are updated with MyJio, JioMusic, JioCinema with 2 more addition JioXpressNews and JioTv.


Opera Mini

Opera-MiniOpera mini is available on Tizen Smartphones from the release of the OS. After Samsung Internet, it is the one stop browser solution for Tizen OS. A huge number of Tizen users are now using it as well and it is now available for all Tizen Smartphones.



McAfee Antivirus

McAfee-AntivirusIntel is the another main partner of Tizen Development. Popular McAfee Antivirus app was in Tizen Store and also comes as a preinstalled app in Samsung Z1 & Samsung Z3 but, from next Tizen phones, this is included with Smart Manager by Samsung.




TruecallerTruecaller app is from True Software team from Scandinavia. At first, it was released for Samsung Z1 and next as preinstalled in Samsung Z3 and now available in Tizen Store for all Tizen smartphones with a further update with added premium features.



Here Maps

Here-MapsHere Maps app added to Tizen store by HERE Apps LLC. team with a partnership with Samsung and it is the one and only Mapping solution app available on Tizen OS. It was comes pre-installed with Samsung Z3 on Oct 2015 and now available for all Tizen Smartphones as well. Maximum of best mapping experience now active on this app. Navigation feature only available for Samsung Z3.

VLC Media Player

VLC-Media-PlayerVideolabs. the team added native VLC Media Player app for Tizen Smartphones on last quarter of 2015. Within 6 months VLC crossed 1 Billion of downloads from Tizen Store. So, it is one of the popular apps in Tizen Store. All of Tizen users now using this app as well.




WechatIn Aug 2015 we have a news for coming to WeChat in Tizen and then WeChat app was comes pre-installed with Samsung Z3 Smartphone in Oct 2015. This app is made by Tencent Inc. developer and now it is only available for Samsung Z3 and not also available in Tizen Store.



hotstarHotstar app was released for Tizen Smartphones in last year August month as a pre-installed with Samsung Z2 and in November they updated Hotstar app and now it is available on Tizen Store for all Tizen Smartphones.



Line Messenger

Line-MessengerWe have a news on last year in September as Line Messenger coming soon to Tizen Smartphones and Line Messenger was first comes with Samsung Z2 in Indonesia on October 2016. And in November it was released in India and only for Samsung Z2 Smartphone also now available in Samsung Z4.



XanderOn Oct 2016 android Xender is released for Tizen Smartphone by ACL Tech. In May 2017 Xender team released their native Tizen app for all Tizen Smartphones. Next month it was crossed 150,000 downloads from Tizen store. Now, this app is available for all Tizen Smartphones.


So, this is the list of largest apps available on Tizen Store. And more apps may be coming soon such as Zipt. Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger and also a partnership with Microsoft Corporation etc.

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