Samsung ARTIK at VMWorld 2017 - ARTIK IoT Platform

Adithya Kumar
Aug 21, 2017

VMworld is a global conference for virtualization and cloud computing which is hosted by VMware. It is the largest virtualization-specific event in existence. This time it will take place in Las Vegas during August 27th-31st.

The Samsung ARTIK team will be presenting a demo in a metropolitan setting to demonstrate their open, enterprise-grade IoT platform. It will also be offering cloud services, modules, software, and end-to-end security.


Tower Bridge Model

Here they will be presenting a realistic model of London’s Tower Bridge. This model will be featuring all the lights, traffic sensors, earthquake detection devices etc. The data is collected from the Edge Systems based on the Samsung ARTIK 053 Smart IoT Module. This data will be streamed to a Network Gateway which is based on a Samsung ARTIK 530. The Sensor data will be processed at the bridge itself. This is to aid for immediate action. This will make use of the ARTIK 530's processing power. The system also streams the relevant data to the cloud for further analysis and processing using Big Data Analytics and other advanced rules.

This will showcase a strategic partnership between Samsung and VMware. This demo is to be integrated with VMware’s Pulse IoT Center. This will be an end-to-end IoT infrastructure management solution. This Center will consist of a server-side management console for real-time backend monitoring as well as a client-side agent. There will also be an open-source client SDK called Liota.

In this demo, the Pulse agent will be running on the ARTIK 530 gateway device. Further, several custom Liota functions help to extract the telemetry data from the Gateway, the Edge Systems and other connected “things”.



There will also be a demonstration of a futuristic user experience which merges IoT and webVR. This will enable the users to get an immersive experience of an IoT-enabled Tower Bridge 3D model.



Are you interested in learning more about ARTIK, a VMware Pulse IoT Center or webVR integration? Just come to the Samsung table at the VMworld's IoT Pavilion later this month for further information.

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