Samsung Launches its Biggest Product Experience Centre in India

Adithya Kumar
Aug 18, 2017

Samsung started its operations in India 22 years ago. Today it is India’s biggest mobile phone and consumer electronics brand. This is because Samsung believes in making its devices work in a unison towards solving consumer problems.



Executive Briefing Centre

Samsung India has launched its brand new flashy Executive Briefing Centre. It is one of the first experience centres here in India. This centre is said to be a one-stop destination for all things Samsung and will have all the products and services provided by Samsung, along with the enterprise offerings available in the country. The EBC acts as a testimony to Samsung’s philosophy. The Executive Briefing Centre also features the Samsung’s ‘Make for India’ innovations that have helped Samsung become the ‘Most Trusted’ brand in the country.

This Executive Briefing Centre is about 9000 Sq. ft at the Samsung India headquarters at Gurgaon. Samsung will put up a display of all its cutting edge technology and solutions for each segment. These segments include:

  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Air Conditioning
  • Education
  • Smart Homes
  • Gaming
  • Virtual Reality
  • Government
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Sectors

The EBC was inaugurated by Samsung Southwest Asia President & CEO Mr.HC Hong, along with Ms.Hyesung Ha, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Marketing Group, Samsung Electronics and Mr.David Daegil Kim, Vice President, B2B Sales Group, Samsung Electronics. Mr.HC Hong, President & CEO, Samsung Southwest Asia told that

“Thanks to you, our partners and colleagues, we are the number one MNC in India today. We are experiencing robust growth in India. But numbers are not as important. More important thing is that we are the most trusted brand in India, loved by Indians,” 

Ms.Hyesung Ha, SVP, Enterprise Marketing Group, Samsung Electronics said that was the largest EBC in the world. She continued by saying that it was very significant for Samsung and it was more meaningful for her personally because B2B was a journey that Samsung embarked on many years ago and it continues to be their vision. She also predicted that by 2020, Samsung will have at least 30% of its business in B2B.


The inaugural event was also attended by Rajiv Singh, Vice Chairman of real estate developer DLF along with several key partners of Samsung India. They were given an exclusive tour of the experience centre.

At the Executive Briefing Centre, enterprises can now witness how innovative devices work. This includes product and mirror displays for retail zones, restaurant management systems with NFC tag readers and queue management systems among many others.



Solutions for Government Agencies

For government agencies, the EBC also showcases solutions to address various concerns from security to productivity in different fields like healthcare and education through their various products.



Travel and Transport

There are solutions for travel and transport also. This includes airport self-check-in and different entertainment options for airlines. The EBC also has digital catalogues, Virtual Reality solutions for different businesses along with Samsung’s commercial air-conditioning offerings.



Smart Devices

The smart home and smart kitchen setup offer a glimpse into the future. This has an array of connected devices. These are the products such as the QLED TV, the 360 degrees sound bar, robotic vacuum cleaner and high-end refrigerator and washing machines.



The gaming zone showcases curved monitors alongside the 4D chair and VR headsets. The Executive Briefing Centre is a fully-functional venue with integrated Samsung solutions in a diverse and dynamic ecosystem. It is ideal for educating and engaging with customers, partners and media on various Samsung’s B2B offerings.

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