Samsung confirms a new fitness tracker with smartwatch like design is in the making

Aug 1, 2017

Samsung always prefers to keep its product line updated with new announcements at regular intervals. Its wearable segment is now in that phase of being refreshed with a new product soon as the most recent launch in the wearable series dates back to early 2017 in Jan when the Gear S3 came into existence. We had reported earlier that a Samsung wearable was spotted during FCC certification; it could well be the same wearable that is rumored to be named as Gear Fit 2 Pro or something else completely out of the box.

Now, Samsung have more or less confirmed this upcoming wearable as reported by Sammobile, Samsung has been sending out emails to the members of its SmartLab Plus program as part of a survey asking its members for tag-lines that could fit with its upcoming product for promotion and advertising. Samsung gives some information about this wearable as “The new product concept takes the best bits from Gear S3 and Gear Fit 2,”. Samsung mentions in the mail that the product design resembles more of a smartwatch than a wearable although it will still retain a slim profile with interchangeable watch straps.



Samsung's wearables have been easy with the water until now thanks to their water resistance certification. With this upcoming wearable Samsung hints at taking it level more to such a point that it could be worn to even measure swimming sessions. The wearable's UI is also expected to take a big makeover with new features such as glanceable information, improved widgets, more accurate activity reminders that can even encourage you to take breaks during long driving sessions.

Nothing regarding the launch, specifications or a first look teaser of this wearable has surfaced into existence yet but that can be expected to happen really soon, so stay tuned for more updates!

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