Samsung Display to invest 100m euros in German OLED firm

Adithya Kumar
Aug 14, 2017

Organic Light-Emitting Diode or OLED is a light-emitting diode in which a layer of organic compound is present. It emits light in presence of electricity. OLED primarily has three emitters: Red, Green and Blue emitters. The Blue emitters are said to have less shelf life compared with other two emitters, which was one of the reasons for major TV manufacturers to move away from OLED.

A subsidiary of Samsung Group, Samsung Display based in South Korea, has decided to invest 100 Million Euros ($ 118.20 Million USD) in Cynora. Cynora is a German company which manufactures display materials. This is in an effort to secure the technology that could enhance the efficiency and performance of OLED displays. This investment comes after its rival LG Display’s decision to invest a combined sum of 150 Million Euros($ 177.30 Million USD) in the same company.


Cynora produces highly efficient blue emitters based on what is called Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Technology/TADF. It is expected to solve various challenges in the display segment, including the relatively short lifespan of blue emitters.

In the recent years, Globally the companies that are involved in display manufacturing have been competing to commercialize the TADF emitters. Accordingly, Cynora plans to boost its production capability by setting up new manufacturing lines.

A Japanese OLED Technology startup called Kyulux is also one of those working on developing more efficient display emitters. Samsung and LG invested 3 Billion Yen ($ 27.47 Million USD) each in Kyulux last year.

Kyulux had also announced that it will supply its emitters to WiseChip Semiconductor Inc, a Taiwanese OLED display maker, in the last quarter of the year. Kyulux has a cutting edge OLED light emission technology that does not require any expensive rare heavy metals like Iridium to attain efficiency. Nonetheless, its technology is still said to be at the laboratory level.

According to an expert in the industry, Cynora is said to be closer to commercialization and they would lead the OLED display sector in the coming years.

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