Samsung to expand Bixby, voice recognition features to more smart home appliances by 2020

Deidre Richardson
Aug 24, 2017

For four consecutive quarters up through May, Samsung has dominated the home appliances market. With the announcement of the Galaxy Note 8 and its expanded Bixby capabilities such as Quick Commands (using small phrases to perform multiple actions simultaneously), as well as the global rollout of Bixby voice in English to over 200 countries earlier this week, Samsung is making a firm statement: that its Bixby AI, whether you want it or not, is here to stay.

But taking advantage of its success in the home appliances market involves staying ahead, and to do that, there must be a new perspective from which to approach the market. Since Bixby is an 8-year labor of love for the Korean giant, and the voice assistant has now rolled out to mobile devices, bringing the new AI to the home is the next best thing. To this end, Samsung says that it looks to expand Bixby and voice assistant capabilities to smart home appliances by 2020.


This means that Bixby will be used to control the home through Samsung Connect. Samsung's Family Hub refrigerator already utilizes Bixby to perform certain commands (Samsung rolled out Bixby via a software update to the Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator back in May), but the Family Hub will be used to call robot vacuum cleaners to the kitchen or turn on the washing and drying machines (as the Family Hub will control the kitchen setting). Samsung Connect will be used to tie the entire home together, as home automation dictates. The Korean giant has given its Samsung Home Connect Wi-Fi router control of over 130 devices within the home, but the Connect platform will work more in sync and tie more than these 130 devices together to work as one well-oiled machine.

Samsung has a desire to lead the way in home automation, which involves bringing internet, voice recognition, and AI capabilities to all of its home appliances. The Korean giant has already said that Tizen RT, a watered-down version of its mobile platform for home appliances, will arrive on all home appliances by 2020. Adding Bixby, voice recognition, and other AI capabilities is only a logical extension of that commitment.


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