[Updated] Samsung Gear 360 (2016 model) down to its lowest price yet - $99

Aug 20, 2017

Samsung's first generation Gear 360 VR camera which was launched in 2016 has seen several cuts in its price since the Gear 360 (2017) was unveiled but it seems the price has seen what is perhaps its biggest cut yet on Amazon U.S. You can get the panoramic camera for just $99 $108.75 and that comes with FREE shipping within the U.S., while shipping outside the U.S. attracts a shipping fee.

Update: Price has been slashed further from $108.75 to $99 !!!


The Gear 360 (2016) is Samsung's first 360-degree camera and it comes with a compact and minimalistic design. The Gear 360 2016 comes with a round shape different from that of the Gear 360 2017 and which looks like an eyeball with a flat base and a standard tripod mount, making it easy to shoot 360-degree photos and videos. There are just the menu, record, and power buttons on the outside and a tiny monochrome AMOLED screen dotting the white plastic finish. The camera shoots 30-megapixel spherical photos and 3840 x 1920 video. The panoramic camera also comes with a slot for the microSD card supporting up to a 128GB SD card. The Gear 360 2016 also features a swappable battery, hidden along with the SD card slot behind a small encasement.


Furthermore, the Gear 360 2016 is splash-proof and dust resistant and features dual f/2.0 lenses located opposite each other, each one having a wide 195-degree field-of-view. Since the sum of the two wide angle lenses is more than 360 degree, the images overlap. As a result of the overlapping of the images, the panoramic image needs to be stitched and this can be done by using the Gear 360 Manager on compatible Samsung smartphone. The Gear 360 2016 is only compatible with the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge+, Note 5, as well as Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. If you don’t own any of the Galaxy smartphones, you can still grab the Gear 360 and stitch the images using a PC-only companion app. There is also a trick that let you use the Gear 360 2016 on other high-end smartphones apart from Samsung models.

So, if you just love getting stuff at a bargain price, or you've been planning on getting a panoramic camera, then you really should check this offer out. For just $108.75, Amazon will ship the VR camera to you FREE of charge in the U.S. and you'll pay for the shipping if you order from outside the U.S. Even at that, the price is still way cheaper than what the Gear 360 offers.The available stock is limited so, you may want to be fast about checking this out before the stock gets exhausted. You can access the product page from the Buy link below.Buy-Now-smartthigs-smarthub

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