Samsung Gear Sport wearable device hits FCC: Not the expected Samsung Gear Pop

A new Samsung wearable tech device has hit the FCC as the Samsung Gear Sport SM-R600 and not the long-rumoured Gear Pop. Will we see this unveiled IFA 2017?
Efe Udin
Aug 11, 2017

Anyone who has closely followed the progress of Samsung with respect to wearables won't find it difficult to recognize this model number “SM—R600”. It is the speculated wearable device (Samsung Gear Pop) which was recently rumored to have gotten Special Interest Group (SIG) Bluetooth certification. However, as opposed to Samsung Gear Pop, a relatively unheard Samsung wearable device with the same model number identified as Samsung Gear Sport just hit FCC filed under FCC ID A3LSMR600. This debunks earlier claims of the much expected Samsung Gear Pop.



As of now, there is no information regarding this device other than the fact that it’s been assigned the model number SM-R600 and has the moniker Gear Sport engraved above the heart rate monitor on its backplate. However, it's listing on FCC suggests that it would be unveiled sooner rather than later, most likely at IFA 2017 in September.

This is not the end of speculations so far as this device is concerned. The image on FCC filing sure looks like a smartwatch and many already think that it is probably a variant of the Gear S3 that’s aimed towards aspiring athletes. Nevertheless, it was simply identified as a wrist device and could be anything ranging from a smartwatch to a fitness tracker.

Speculations concerning this upcoming device have been on the news for several weeks now. It is expected to run the Tizen OS and was widely rumored to be unveiled at the Tizen Developer Conference (TDC) 2017, back in May. The TDC came and gone and nothing about it was heard and since then, everything went cold with respect to the anticipated device. This information is perhaps the most confirmed rumor so far and even though much is not known, we know it is a wrist device which will be called Samsung Gear Sport.

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