Samsung rolls out new global campaign to promote its Tizen home appliances

Aug 21, 2017

Samsung has launched a new campaign to promote its wide range of Tizen smart home appliances in 10 countries cutting across different continents. The campaign projects Samsung's mission to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. The new campaign video contains moments when consumers encounter Samsung’s helpful appliances and use them to improve one aspect of their lives or the other. For now, Samsung will run the campaign in the UK, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Lebanon, Jordan, and Australia.

Apart from showcasing Samsung's mission to meaningfully impact people's lives, the campaign video shows why the tech giant continues to put renewed efforts to develop new technology which puts the numerous needs of consumers as its main focal point. Most of the products come with smart innovations which show a deep insight of what consumers need and offer so much value which most times raises the question “why didn’t we think of this before?”

Speaking during the unveiling, JS Park, Executive Vice President of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung has this to say concerning the campaign;

“Consumers have always been at the center of our longstanding spirit of innovation,”  “This brand campaign, which is the first of its kind for us at Samsung Home Appliances, reflects our concerted efforts over the years to fully understand the everyday challenges consumers face and find truly meaningful solutions.”

The campaign video highlights three of Samsung's innovative gadgets which include the Smart washing machine with the innovative AddWashTM door which enables users to add clothes into the washer mid-cycle. The video also highlights the Tizen-powered Family hub smart refrigerator particularly the recipe function which lets users easily check for a recipe and manage groceries. The fridge's food management functions which let users set freezer temperature as needed is also highlighted. The advert also includes the Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner and oven, both of which add amazing value to the home, making life easier and better in a modern way.



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