Samsung's Connect Home keeps all your Smart home gadgets connected 24/7

Aug 11, 2017

Samsung continues in its drive to expand its IoT products with the recent unveiling of the Connect Home system. The Connect Home is a mesh of WiFi network which also comes with a SmartThings Hub giving users the ability to be able to connect all its Smart home appliances to the internet in order to be able to control how they function all the time.

The Connect Home system is similar to Google's own Google Home and like most mesh systems, it is very easy to configure. All that is needed is to attach one of the units to a modem, start the compatible smartphone application for the system and then follow the step-by-step instructions in order to position the extenders and configure a network name and password. that is all that needs to be done to get the gadget up and running.



Samsung touts that each of the routers has a range of up to 1,500 feet and the extender or amplifiers can be connected to the main router to further extend the range. The network can penetrate even thick walls and the mesh configuration can provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage in every room, even in a three-storey block.

Apart from being easy to setup, Connect Home is also easy to use, allowing users to keep track of such things as family's screen time using parent control feature, create network access for guests and install the latest firmware updates in order to enhance security. All these features can be controlled from the easy-to-install Connect Home app which is available for both Android and iOS.

Another perk is that the Connect Home smart gadget comes with a cheap price tag of just $129.99 for a single unit while the three-pack unit comprising of the router and extenders sells for $279.99.

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