Steam Link Gaming officially comes to Samsung Smart TVs

Adithya Kumar
Aug 13, 2017

Steam Link box is Valve’s compact streaming box, that delivers your PC’s Steam games directly on the TV of your choice all for $50. It’s pretty easy to set-up, all you got to do is connect the box into your TV’s HDMI port, plug in your controller through USB, connect to the internet through either Wi-Fi or Ethernet and choose your gaming computer. Within seconds you can experience your favorite game on the big screen at the comfort of your home.

It has to be noted that the quality of gaming will surely depend on what kind of PC you have, because you will be running the game off of your computer. The Speed of your Internet connection will also play a big role in the quality.



Samsung Electronics had released the new Steam Link Application for its Smart TVs. The application uses the same streaming technology as the Valve’s Steam Link Box. There is no need for you to worry about the bugs in the beta stage. Steam claims that the application does not have any major performance issues now that it’s of the beta phase. The application is available for download from your TV’s app store ‘Smart Hub’.



Steam said that if the TV’s firmware is up-to date then there is no need for the Steam Link Box. Along with this, Steam has also announced that the link box is now officially compatible with the Xbox 360 wired and wireless, and the Logitech F510/F710 controller along with its own gamepad. The testers were able to use these controllers in the beta phase; however, the Xbox controllers are known to cause a lag spike. The Link team is working to fix this issue and will likely be included in a future update, along with some patches and new features.

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