Transfer Gigabytes of data within a second using Connected World

Efe Udin
Aug 18, 2017

With the continuous growth in technology and a high demand for quality data/software product, there is a tendency for some data to be in the order of Gigabytes (GB). There is nothing as annoying as getting to wait for several minutes simply because you need to transfer some large files.  A new collaboration by some technological bigwigs may have found a way around this problem.  Keyssa, Samsung and Hon Hai Precision (parent company of Foxconn) announced its new partnership “Connected World” standard which will make use of Keyssa’s “Kiss” technology to enable the transfer of huge data between individual devices. Within a few seconds, Connected World will transfer data in the order of Gigabytes. It can be used for Internet of Things, mobile devices and it is not based on Wi-Fi.Initially, the Kiss technology was limited to smartphones but a lot of work has been put into developing this technology and the new Kiss connector which powers Connected World allows the transfer of data with speed of up to 6 GB per second. With a single unified software stack, this chip can connect to almost any device, therefore, making it a universal connector. The chip has the potential to become a drop-in modularity resolution for smartphone producers. This implies that the Samsung Galaxy S9, for example, could have mods that enhance its functionality, much like the Moto Z2 Force and the less popular LG G5.

Connected World uses a top-of-the-line chip with special signals which is different from what we have in most current networks.  It uses an extremely high-frequency signal for fast data transfer over just a few millimeters, allowing it to achieve great speeds.


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