​Samsung SDS Launches Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot Brity

Adithya Kumar
Sep 7, 2017

Samsung SDS is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group who are a global IT solution and service provider. Samsung SDS is spearheading the Fourth Industrial Revolution with sophisticated analytics-based solutions and IT expertise across a diverse range of industries. Now, they have launched an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chatbot squarely aimed at business customers.



Lee Chi-hoon who is the head of Samsung SDS's AI team said that they are ready for corporate AI markets like manufacturing, finance, and other services while the unveiling of the interactive platform "Brity" at the company’s Seoul headquarters on September 5. He also says that all the services are provided with the help of three AI platforms i.e. analysis, vision, and dialog.

"Interactive artificial intelligence (AI) “Brity” is outclassing competitors such as AI systems of Apple, IBM and AWS in some business areas. In particular, we are confident that Brity dominates over them in Korean-type functions."

The AI platform Brity can easily process Natural Language. Therefore, it can understand the commands given by customers via natural language dialogs. It is also capable of recognizing delicate rules, speech, images, etc.. This is possible through iterative learning.

Deep Learning

deep learning

Brity utilizes Deep Learning, which is part of a border family of Machine Learning. It uses an artificial neural network to learn specific information from a large real time data-sets. This is different from normal chatbot which uses machine learning which utilizes existing data-sets and pre-defined answers to possible questions.


Brightics AI

Samsung SDS also announced Brightics AI in the month of June. This is an analytical AI entrusted with pattern recognition. It also aids in the prediction of results by studying the data logs and other figures. Samsung SDS is planning to pioneer various enterprise markets by combining existing enterprise solutions. Their existing enterprise solutions include groupware, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM).

Enterprise customers can not only upgrade products and services but use various functions such as automatic translation, unmanned counseling, product inspections and other intelligent searches with the help in their various business areas.

"We can build an interactive model in a month by introducing Brity to manufacturing, finance and service companies," said Lee Chi-hoon who worked in the field of Artifical Intelligence at Yahoo and Apple. "We raised the accuracy of understanding the intentions of users with new technologies such as multiple contexts and intelligent context management."

Samsung SDS has completed a preliminary performance verification by deploying Brity in various affiliated companies of the Samsung Group. Brity has managed critical information like schedules, phone numbers, business trips, and work ethics of employees.

Currently, Brity works efficiently in the Korean language. It is still learning English. Samsung SDS will preempt the enterprise AI market ahead of its competitors such as IBM Watson. This is done by promoting Brity in various sectors.

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