$200 Samsung Gear IconX now selling for $50 in a “closeout sale”

Efe Udin
Sep 30, 2017

There is currently a perfect opportunity to get the Samsung Gear IconX at a giveaway price. With the new model of IconX due to hit the shelves soon, Samsung is offering the Gear IconX in a “closeout sale”. In this IconX clear-out, Samsung is selling the original version of this earbud for $49.99.

At launch (June 2016), the IconX was sold for $200, though it has a wonderful design, it isn't really a top tier product in the truly wireless earbuds game. The sound of Gear IconX and its Bluetooth performance are acceptable but its battery ability is quite poor thus it wasn't worth the initial $200 price tag. However, paying $50 for a Bluetooth earbud which can stream music for about an hour and a half continuously seem like a fair deal.




Click on the Buy Now button below to grab this deal:


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