3rd generation of ARTIK devices will be a training ground for Samsung's "IoT 2020" vision

Sep 7, 2017

Samsung has set itself a target to completely transform its Electronic business and is calling it as the 'IoT 2020 vision'. The electronics giant wants all its consumer products to be inter-operable with more connectivity based smart-features by 2020. "We will use all the devices near the user as IoT hubs," a Samsung official said. "We will lead the era of connectivity with Artificial Intelligence (AI ) technology." To see this vision turning into reality, the company has come up with a strategy which centers down to its development based ARTIK Platform.


The upcoming third generation of Artik devices will carry the responsibility of being the platform that will specifically focus on IoT and AI based applications and services. While the second generation of Artike devices were more focused on improved performance of the application processor, while consuming less power and maintaining a small form factor, the 3rd gen will go all out on connectivity between devices and security. "3rd generation ARTIK will be a major platform for Samsung Electronics and many companies are planning to implement the IoT functionality into their home appliance products," said a representative in the electronics industry.

It is expected that Samsung will be officially announcing the 3rd generation Artik devices at the Samsung Developer Conference 17 which will be take place on October 18th and 19th in San Francisco. Moving forward, Samsung wants all its products to work on a open platform all connected with each other. With the Artik Cloud serving as an open cloud service Platform and the open source Tizen OS which is getting into more number of Samsung products, the "IoT 2020" vision surely seems to be on the right track.

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