Deal Alert! Get the Gear VR 2017 with controller for just $89 from Amazon US

Sep 27, 2017

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung had to launch a new version of Gear VR as the smartphones featured a USB Type C port while all the previous Gear VR compatible smartphones had the mainstream micro USB port. The Gear VR (2017) however, didn't just come with support for the S8 and S8+ as it is also backwards compatible with previous Gear VR compatible smartphones.

To do this, Samsung had to re-engineer the Gear VR to provide interchangeable usb ports- micro USB for older phones and type c for the new ones. Samsung also launched a Gear VR controller along with the headset to elevate the immersive experience by letting users interact with the Virtual environment.

Now that we have run you down the details of the 2017 Gear VR, you might want to know that the headset and controller combo were initially launched for $129.99 in the US. But now, we have spotted an incredible deal for you if you still haven't dropped into the VR world or have been holding back from upgrading your existing Gear VR headset due to the high price.


The Gear VR 2017 is currently being sold at a $40 discount on Amazon US essentially bringing the price down to just $89.95. For comparison, the new Google Daydream headset and controller combo will be going on sale for $99, so if you are a Galaxy S8 or S8+ then this is certainly a brilliant deal since both the smartphones support Gear VR and Daydream VR content. Click on the Buy Now link below to grab this deal.


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